Our partners met in Brussels in november 2017 and began the meeting with a fun and creative way to investigate the concept of co-creation and to explore the different approaches and views the participants from four different countries had on the subject.

A way of doing this is to make a cube. It is very simple, but fun and engaging as you can see in the video below.

1) Create a cube out of thick white paper or cardboard by following the template found under the video

2) The finished cube is thrown back and forth between the participants and more and more thoughts and statements are written down filling the blank pages with ideas almost like a brainstorm.

3) The cube is now full and you a) have a better idea of your new project partners, b) something more tangible and fun than a word document or a bunch of paper with notes on it and c) hopefully the exercise will have sparked new ideas and a structure to continue the work and design process.