South Denmark European Office (SDEO) was established in 2007 as a non-for profit partnership institution, and is a co-operation between the Region of South Denmark, the University of Southern Denmark and the 22 municipalities in the region, employing a total of 16 people.

The main development priorities for the Region of Southern Denmark are 1) Clean Energy and climate change and 2) Welfare innovation, focusing on both the health care sector and the social sector.

SDEO’s main objective is to create local and regional networks/partnerships and broad regional cooperation in order to develop and implement European projects, benefitting the citizens, the enterprises and other local and/or regional actors, in areas such as labour market development, regional development, competence development, enterprise networks and clusters, regional framework conditions, energy, environment and RTD.

SDEO has substantial experience in developing and managing European projects in close collaboration with partners from the South Denmark Region and has managed more than 20 projects in this way since its establishment in 2007.

Project management and co-ordination

SDEO participates in the project in the project management team together with University College Lillebaelt, and will be responsible for the international co-ordination of the project, which includes the internal communication with the partners, setting up of the internal communication structures, the day-to-day monitoring of the project deliverables and the liaison with the European Commission in relation to the technical and financial reporting.

SDEO and UCL have already carried out several EU projects together in joint project management such as the Healthy Children project (Health Programme), the EVARS Project (LLP, Grundtvig) and the YEDAC Project (CIP), and have very good experiences with this joint management model as it gathers substantial professional knowledge about the subject area and substantial knowledge about EU project management and relevant EU policy areas.

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