The University of Minho (UMinho), founded in 1973, began its academic activity in 1975/76. UMinho is renowned for the quality of its teaching, the quality of its students, the public recognition given to its Alumni, and for its intervention and strong links with the local community and the surrounding region. It is located in the Minho region of Northern Portugal, a region with an extremely strong tradition of vibrant enterprise, essentially of small and medium-sized businesses.

UMinho has two campi located 20 km apart: one in Braga and the other in Guimarães.

Throughout the years UMinho has achieved a high reputation as an institution of learning and leadership, combining strategic vision with a capacity to innovate, and rigorous scientific, academic, administrative and financial management. Today, UMinho has 21 research cent centres which are financed by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology). One of them is the Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC – “Centro de Investigação em Estudos da Criança”) which is involved in this “Co-creation Wellfare” project.

Among other fields of research, CIEC-UMinho) has been involved in Health Education and Health Promotion, particularly at kindergarten, primary and secondary school levels. This CIEC team has been involved in several European projects, being the most relevant the large BIOHEAD-CITIZEN project (“Biology, Health and Environmental Education for better Citizenship” FP6, STREP nº CIT2-CT2004-506015; 2004-2008) that was coordinated by this CIEC-UMINHO team and involved 19 countries (13 European countries 5 African countries and 1 from Middle East).

More recently the CIEC team has been involved in the project HEPCOM “Promoting healthy eating and physical activity in local communities” (European Commission – Health Programme, nº 20121204; 2013–2017).

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